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CLEARink provides a revolutionary new display technology applicable to a wide range of applications.


eSchoolbooks need not be limited to static text and images. Using CLEARink’s revolutionary display technology, new generation eSchoolbooks can be made video and rich media capable without driving up costs.

  • Fast response time enables video and rich media
  • Bright as paper and can be used both indoors or out on the field
  • Cost is lower or comparable to current LCD technology

Low cost

CLEARink is cost effective compared to current screen technologies.

Video capable

CLEARink’s fast response times allows videos and rich media for an enhanced learning experience.


The exploding demand for wearable devices is fueled by technological as well as lifestyle factors. On the technological side, we now have miniaturized yet capable processors that allow for drastic weight reductions, as well as ubiquitous Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular coverage that enable always-on connection. Lifestyle drivers, on the other hand, come from increasingly fitness-conscious consumers, weekend warriors, and serious athletes who need detailed data to improve their sports performance.

  • Overall wearable market growing
    • Smartwatch not growing (OLED is a battery zapper)
    • Fitness trackers growing (outdoor usage)
  • Smartwatches from tier 1 suppliers suffer from poor battery performance and limited outdoor readability
  • Smartwatches using ePaper can not display internet content
  • CLEARink addresses the key shortcomings of existing product offerings: video rate, battery performance and limited outdoor readability

Low power consumption

CLEARink’s low power consumption means longer battery life for wearable devices

High brightness

CLEARink displays are fully readable outdoors, even under direct sunlight

Mobile Devices

The smartphone and tablet market is characterized by continuous innovation. Each new release needs to be better — be it in terms of battery life, screen performance, and overall feature set — if manufacturers are to have any chance of convincing customers to switch or upgrade to the latest model.

  • Industry research anticipates tremendous growth in emerging markets, reaching nearly 2B units globally in 2018
  • Requirements are low cost, low power, and outdoor readability
  • Should allow access to internet for education, trade and development

Fast response

CLEARink is video and browser capable with minimal power consumption

Low cost

CLEARink displays provide a lower cost alternative to LCD and LED screens

Outdoor Signage

Today’s enterprises have to compete for attention, which is no easy task when customers are already preoccupied with multiple screens on a daily basis. Yesterday’s billboards and static signage do not stand a chance against smartphones and tablet screens — unless they become screens themselves, capable of delivering rich media and moving images.

  • A much brighter display leading to a market leading color reflective display
  • Demonstrated displays with high frame rates, enabling Internet surfing capability
  • Power usage well below that of other display technologies such as LCD or OLED, and only slightly above traditional monochrome reflective displays.

Outdoor readable

CLEARink displays have high brightness and won’t wash out under the sun

Rich media capable

CLEARink’s fast redraw times allow you to use video in a low-cost, low-power solution.


Modern cars are fully connected and equipped with a multitude of sensors that ensure safety, efficiency and a pleasurable driving experience. In-dash displays need to communicate information effectively while remaining unobtrusive.

  • High brightness and will not wash out even under direct sunlight.
  • Can display video and animation for a richer user experience
  • Cost is lower or comparable to current LCD technology

Readable under direct sunlight

CLEARink’s bright screen will not wash out even under direct sunlight

Richer user experience

CLEARink can display video and animations for a richer user experience

Electronic Shelf Labels

Internet of Things (IoT) capable Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) allow retailers to change prices instantly and adaptively to improve customer experience, boost store efficiency, and optimize inventory.

  • ESL market is growing rapidly in Asia and Europe
  • Next-generation ESLs will feature real-time bi-directional responsive systems, merchandising accessories, and indoor mapping systems
  • IoT, Electronic Shelf Labels, Smart Packaging, Smart Cards, and many other applications

Power Consumption

Ultra low power consumption means long battery life


High readability under all lighting conditions and angles

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