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Johan Feenstra




Dr. Johan Feenstra joined SMART Photonics as CEO in Jan 2019. He was formerly known as frontman of Liquavista, is well experienced in high tech scale ups. Johan co-founded Liquavista in 2006, to develop and commercialize Electrowetting Display technology (co-invented at Philips). He was part of the team that lead the exit to Samsung in 2010 and lead the divestment process to Amazon that was completed in April, 2013. At Liquavista, he has had various roles: CTO, CEO and lastly Executive Director.

Before he started Liquavista, Johan was Senior Scientist at Philips Research in the Netherland after his post-doc at University of Maryland, where he was responsible for a group of PhD's working on developing and improving a novel technology called microwave microscopy. This near-field type of approach provides high-resolution images with long-wavelength radiation (GHz).

He holds PhD in Solid State Physics from University of Groningen.



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