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Dr. David Foster is a technology industry executive specializing in systems development with an emphasis on emerging technologies, hardware devices, and ramping development organizations. Throughout his career in tight-­time-­to-­market industries, he has built high­ performance teams and mentored the next generation of technology leaders.

Dr. Foster has led teams who designed and shipped many of the Fortune 500’s iconic new technology products. Dr Foster was most recently Vice President of Product Engineering for Google’s Hardware division. In this role he oversaw the development of consumer hardware including the Pixel phone, Chromecast, Google Home, Google Wifi and Daydream (Google VR). Prior to joining Google, Dr Foster was VP of Hardware Development at Amazon’s Lab126 division for almost 6 years. He managed the teams which developed the Kindle, Kindle Fire and Dash product lines as well as the core technology groups which enabled these and other products. He also led the latest generation Fire TV and Echo hardware product development.

Prior to Amazon, Dr Foster was General Manager at Microsoft responsible for the Windows Phone 7 Hardware Ecosystem and Zune HD, and also led a team in Microsoft’s Emerging Markets Group. Prior to Microsoft, he was the CTO of Gibson Audio and for 6 years Dr Foster also led the development of the iMac, Powerbook, PowerMac and Airport product lines at Apple Inc. Dr Foster started his career at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research group in New York.


Dr. Foster earned his Doctorate, Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Engineering Science from Oxford University, U.K. He lives in Los Altos, CA with his wife and daughter, and loves cars and music of all types.

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