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Dr. Bob Fleming




Robert Fleming is the Chief Technology Officer of CLEARink Displays.Bob has over 22 years of experience in materials research and new product development.

Prior to joining CLEARink Displays, Bob worked for the Imerys Corporation as Director of Materials Research. During his tenure at Imerys, Bob was responsible for developing and executing R&D and new product development strategy, budget, and intellectual property for the Filtration and Additives Division. In 24 months, Bob grew his team to four people, filed four patents, developed, scaled up and commercialized five successful new products. Prior to joining Imerys, Bob was the Co-Founder and CTO of Shocking Technologies, Inc. a Silicon Valley electronic materials start-up where he helped grow the company from a 2 person start up with an idea to 47 people and a product qualified in a cell phone with high volume manufacturing.

Before Co-Founding Shocking Technologies Bob worked 12 years for the 3M Corporation in Saint Paul, MN in a broad range of R&D and management functions. While working at 3M Bob developed new retroreflective fabrics, optical interference films for windows, flexible display materials, and nanocomposites for optical applications.

Bob earned his Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering at the University of Massachusetts. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Winthrop University. Bob is an inventor on over 36 granted and 6 pending United States patents, ranging in fields from nanocomposites, adhesives, optical interference coatings, retroreflectors, displays, battery separators, electronic materials, and filter aids.



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