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Dr. Alan Hulme-Lowe




Dr. Alan Hulme-Lowe served as a technical director of 3M Company for more than 30 years principally in product and business development roles. He previously worked in manufacturing operations and education.

In the 3M role, he was responsible for creating and directing teams in multinational business and differentiable product development. Technologies ranging from fiber optics and nano-machining to optical films, materials and connectors. Working in start-up operations to established businesses. Significant experience in technology, business acquisition and general management.

Dr. Hulme-Lowe received a degree in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool UK, and is a Graduate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry and a Chartered Chemist. After some time in manufacturing he gained a PhD in photo-polymerization also from the University of Liverpool. He started his career at 3M with the 3M Harlow, UK, laboratories in 1984.

He has held a number of technical and management positions in the US, UK and Italy. Specific assignments include technical director for the Optical Component business, technical director of the Telecommunications Systems Division, technical director of Display and Graphics development laboratories and technical director of Electronic Systems division. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and member of the Optical Society of America.



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