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CLEARink is hiring a team that will develop a new generation of displays. This team will become the future leaders of the company.


We are seeking candidates that are motivated
by the challenge of working on a revolutionary new technology to build a great company.


Candidates must be bright, creative, hard-working, energetic, systematic, diligent team players, with a good command of English. It is very important that candidates are solution rather than process oriented. CLEARink is looking for overachievers willing to work flexible hours to meet schedule demands, and willing to live in, or relocate to California, USA; or Vancouver, Canada.

ALL TECHNICAL POSITIONS require a degree from a recognized university, with a PhD being an asset for all roles, but especially for the scientist roles. Due to the international nature of the company, overseas experience is considered a plus. Compensation will be competitive for a start-up in this space.

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