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CLEARink Displays is a venture backed startup, with R&D in US and Canada.

The company was formed in 2012 by a number of co-founders who have together started over 10 companies, including Vancouver success stories TIR (sold to Philips) and Brightside (sold to Dolby).

The company has attracted  world-class management and advisory teams

The company currently holds dozens of patents with several more pending. The development is being supported by co-development partners and potential customers in Asia, Europe and North America.


CLEARink Displays develops reflective display modules that are low power, full-colour, outdoor-readable, video capable, and all that at a cost comparable to LCD. CLEARink’s display modules will revolutionize the use cases for wearables, smartphones/tablets, eSchoolbooks, electronic shelf labels and outdoor signage, all of which are growing rapidly.

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